I am "Wonder of U", and the "flow" is always a calamity.

—Wonder of U, JJL Chapter 99

Wonder of U (ワンダー・オブ・U (ユー) Wandā Obu Yū) is the Stand of Tooru, featured in JoJolion.


Wonder of U is a humanoid Stand. In its 'human' form, it takes the form of Satoru Akefu, the Head Doctor of the TG University Hospital. Its true form is robotic in appearance. Its head resembles a desk microphone and it has two sun-shaped 'eyes'. It seems to have no legs in its true form, and in their place is a long, pole-shaped lower body with a flat base. The base has two large wheels attached to it like a Segway.


Although its powers have not been fully explained, Wonder of U appears be an automatic stand that manipulates probability against anyone who expresses the intent or desire to pursue Tooru or Akefu (who is the Stand), causing the pursuer to get blocked by the environment or social factors. In addition, it greatly increases the damage caused by the misfortune, to the point where even normally harmless objects such as cigarette butts and raindrops can cause wounds as severe as bullet holes.

The range of the ability is unclear, but it appears to be infinite as long as the victim admits to the intent of pursuit. The Stand can also phase through walls, hover above the floor, and be seen by those who aren't Stand users. It also seems to be able to teleport at will, as it completely disappeared when being pursued by Rai. Later on, it was able to instantly shift places between T.G Hospital and the Higashikata House.


Wonder of U's main ability seems to revolve around 'Calamity', bringing impending doom to anyone pursuing Tooru or Akefu (the Stand's 'human' form). It's seen to cause environmental damage, and can even influence the Locacaca's 'Equivalent Exchange'.


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