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This character's name has been officially translated with the family name first.[6]
This article is about the character. For this character's Stand, see Doctor Wu
Wu Tomoki does not fail.

—Dr. Wu Tomoki

Dr. Wu Tomoki ((うー) 伴毅(ともき) Ū Tomoki) is an antagonist featured in JoJolion.

Dr. Wu is an orthopedic surgeonW and cosmetic dermatologistW working at TG University Hospital, who has been seeing Mitsuba Higashikata for a series of ailments.

Wu is a Stand user who uses his similarly named Stand, Doctor Wu, to break his body down into fine particles.


Dr. Wu sports a bizarre-looking flattopW consisting primarily of small light-colored spheres. He has dark spiked bangs covering the front, with similar tufts of hair outlining the top of his head. His uniform features a long closed jacket with three "DoCToR" name tags on it: two on the front and one on his shoulder.


I have not failed. Not a single time... in my life. In school exams... the national doctor exam... my driving test to get a license... I passed them all on the first try.


Though not much is known about his personality, he appears to be polite and calm while working with patients. He is shown to temporarily derail conversations in order to indulge in an eccentric eating habit, which includes consuming excessive amounts of noriW and silicon-infusedW water in short bursts. That being said, he seems to typically ask for permission from his patient before snacking.

Wu claims that he has never experienced failure once in his entire life, citing very important events such as exams as proof of his perfection. He even goes so far as to say that he's never failed at love, never approaching women if he senses that there might be anything wrong with them.

Wu considers himself to be a righteous doctor who will heal anyone that comes to him, without fail. He treats the Locacaca as a "public good" used to heal others, in contrast to those with more personal intentions like Josuke. As a consequence, he also considers that anything he does to heal his patients, however evil or vulgar it may be, will be forgiven.

Wu is also very secretive about his involvement with a group of Rock Humans operating from the hospital. He goes to very extreme lengths to keep information from those who could potentially be a threat, disassembling and hiding an entire wheelchair and seemingly vanishing moments after treating a patient to avoid confrontation with Yasuho when she becomes suspicious of Mitsuba's presence at the hospital.


Main article: Doctor WuWu Tomoki's Stand Doctor Wu has the power to let him break his body up into its stony fragments at will and then use these fragments to enter people's bodies. Not only does his Rock Human physiology cause allergic reactions in his victims, but if his body fragments fuse with the victim's skeleton, he can gain partial control over their bodies.



Wu Tomoki graduated from T.G. University's medical department and passed the national exam for medical practitioners before working at their hospital as a professional physician.[2] He is unmarried and there is no records of him having any unpaid taxes.[4]

Doctor Wu and Awaking 3 Leaves[]

Dr. Wu Tomoki examines Mitsuba's right ear which she has complained she cannot hear out of as it feels like it's a rock. Despite finding her complaints to be true, he says she is perfectly healthy, until she says money is no object to cure her illness. He makes a phone call, and then offers a one-time only charge of 200 million yen to cure her. In between examining her, he eats his lunch, which comprises only noriW and siliconW-infused water.

It is suggested that he has been treating her with the Locacaca, causing a series of maladies where her body parts have been turning to stone.

Yasuho Hirose investigates the security camera footage Josuke sent her using Paisley Park and suspects that he is one of the ambulance drivers involved in the death of Poor Tom. She is suspicious of his absence when Mitsuba leaves his office, when she discovers the wheelchair Mitsuba had been sitting in completely disassembled and stuffed into Dr. Wu's desk, before both are attacked by Wu's Stand and Yasuho is knocked unconscious. Having entered Mitsuba's body, she is temporarily controlled by Wu and drags Yasuho into his office.

After regaining consciousness and teaming up with Mitsuba to find out what Wu is up to, Wu exits Mitsuba's body and begins to reform, fully displaying his Stand, Doctor Wu. The two women manage to escape from his office, and Wu pursues them, attacking both the two women and various bystanders in order to prevent them from reaching Josuke Higashikata and Rai Mamezuku. Upon Mitsuba's revealing that she is pregnant and the realization that her unborn child was exchanged in order to fix her legs, her Stand, Awaking III Leaves, reveals itself.

Caught off-guard by Mitsuba's Stand suddenly appearing, Wu is momentarily trapped on the ceiling by Awaking III Leaves' ability. Mitsuba and Yasuho flee into an elevator, but Wu quickly catches up to them, assuring them that he never loses.

Wu explains to Mitsuba and Yasuho that the Locacaca is a "public good" and that using it cannot be "evil" if it is for the good of the public. He then goes on to state that the Rock Humans are not the evil ones, but that it is Yasuho and Josuke who are evil. He tells Mitsuba that she is perfectly healthy, and that the loss of her child was allowed because aborting fetuses in the 15th week of pregnancy is legal. Wu leaps at Mitsuba and attempts to invade her body again, but slams to the floor due to Mitsuba putting Awaking III Leaves' ability on the elevator, sending it upwards at an incredible speed. Mitsuba pulls out a roll of medical tape and traps Wu's disassembled body on the elevator floor. Wu attempts to attack her yet again, but is repeatedly stomped on by Mitsuba and Yasuho and taped to the floor even further.

Mitsuba, enraged by both the possible loss of her child and Wu's disgusting attitude towards it, rolls up Wu's head in the medical tape into a ball and, ignoring Wu's desperate pleading for mercy, throws his head out the hospital window into the parking lot below.

However, Wu returns to the laboratory through the sprinkler system and hides in the Locacaca fruits. When Mitsuba eats one to heal her child, he takes control of her body and fights Yasuho, breaking open vials containing deadly diseases to further endanger her. However, Yasuho manages to purge him out of Mitsuba by using her arrows, and Josuke finally comes to finish off Wu, trapping his fragments inside bubbles mixed with medicinal cement. Unable to free himself, Wu drowns in the liquid and crumbles.


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  • At the Hirohiko Araki JoJo Exhibition: Ripples of Adventure, early design artwork of Wu Tomoki also identifies him by the name Doctor Wu (ドクターウー Dokutā Ū).
  • Wu is the third Stand user in the series to have a similar name to (or have the exact same name as) his Stand, preceded by Foo Fighters and Weather Report.
    • Wu is the first antagonist in the series to have this trait.
  • In a doodle featured in Volume 20, Wu's family name is spelled "Woo". Whether this is intentional or a mistake is unknown.


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