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I'm going to steal one... one of those fruits...

—Yoshikage Kira, JJL Chapter 49

Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影 Kira Yoshikage) is a posthumous character featured in JoJolion.

Kira is the son of Holy Joestar-Kira and the older brother of Kei Nijimura. Parts of his corpse were exchanged with Josefumi Kujo which transformed Josefumi into Josuke Higashikata. Kira worked as a marine surgeon and was also a Stand User, wielding the bomb-producing Killer Queen


Kira was a man of slim to medium build and seemingly average height. He was handsome, with dark eyes and fine features, and wavy black hair of irregular chin-length resembling thin naturally occurring dreads (later appearances depict the same lock of hair as straightened). According to Ojiro Sasame, he had beautiful hands and somehow bore a resemblance to Josuke despite him stating their obvious differences in appearance. He wore a sailor uniform much like the protagonist's, though with a tasseled beret or bonnet which was similar to Josuke's.

His corpse is discovered without testicles, in contrast with Josuke's four, without a related wound.[4]


Kira was a narcissist, keeping sculptures of his own hands around his house, apparently as documents to their ideal state. A copy of the Mona Lisa hangs from a wall in his living room, alluding to the Kira of Diamond is Unbreakable, indicating a similar fascination with beautiful hands. He seems to have had certain obsessive-compulsive tendencies, keeping an organized stock of entirely green foods, and shelves of containers of his fingernails in his bathroom, labeled by date. His interactions with others are mostly cold and apathetic. As a teenager, he immediately jumped to the conclusion that a drowned and unconscious Josefumi was fated to die, showing exasperation when his mother prompted him to manually save the boy's life, only wishing to see Titanic in the theater later and leaving the hospital alone because of it. As an adult, when a fellow crew member on his team is injured, sustaining heavy blood loss and the inability to breathe, as the surgeon of the crew, Kira applied little effort to helping him, nonchalantly putting his shoes on before getting out of bed and ordering the others to hold his hand and encourage him, without so much as looking in his direction (his lack of concern was mostly due to presumably knowing the seriousness of the injury and that the crew member was in no life-threatening danger). Later, he easily antagonizes Rock Humans by referring to them as "things" rather than individuals, even though he had not interacted with any of them at that point.

He is shown in several instances speaking to Sasame in a deliberately confusing and insulting manner, intimidating and threatening him away from the coast in order to rectify Kira's personal problem with him as a surfer; being 'indecisive' about being either a man of the sea or of the land. However, his sister Kei claims that he was not heartless, as he cared for his mother and actively worked to save her from the same disease that plagues the Higashikata family. On another occasion, Kira sacrificed his life to save Josefumi when their plan to cultivate and harvest the Locacaca fruit was found out by Yotsuyu and Damo, as he believed Josefumi had no right to die since he was only involved because of Kira's own personal agenda. This proves he can be a good loyal friend to those he cares for.


Main article: Killer Queen (JoJolion)

Kira's Stand is Killer Queen, a humanoid short-range Stand, revolving around the use of bombs, demonstrating two primary versions of them.


Kira possesses a small sailing boat, and at least knows how to pilot it.


It is suggested that Kira had hypnotic powers of persuasion of some sort by the extreme influence he wielded over Sasame on a past occasion, talking him into eating his own fingers. However, nothing else of the sort was shown.


Josefumi and Kira at their shared apartment.

During his youth, Yoshikage encountered a half-drowned Josefumi Kujo, with his mother Holy trying to save him. Holy then asked Kira to remove the blood clot inside of him. Kira stated that her shift was over and that they were supposed to see the Titanic, and asked if the child was dead. Holy asked him again, and Kira reluctantly summoned Killer Queen, shrinking down Sheer Heart Attack to send it through Josefumi's blood stream, blowing up the clot and saving his life.

In the fall of 2005,[5] Kira encountered a 13-year old Yasuho Hirose after she had been admitted to the hospital for non-fatal head injuries. Following a brief exchange between her and Holy, Kira entered Yasuho's room and apologized for his mother's behavior, while also revealing that he had stepped on Yasuho's hair clip earlier. He stated that the crystal inside was a fake, but offered to pay for it before walking out.

Kira then became a marine surgeon who was once acquainted with Ojiro Sasame. He continuously bullied Sasame questioning him as to whether surfers are "people of the sea or people of the land", stating that he "dislikes passing through the borders of things", as well as the ambiguity in Sasame's profession, before somehow convincing him to bite off or eat all of his fingers.

In 2009, while on duty, Kira was called from his room to treat an injured crew member, who had fallen and sustained seemingly severe injuries. Kira remained unconcerned after viewing him, explaining that his cheekbone was broken, and that he was in no immediate danger. Kira then noticed blood on the floor next to a crate the crew member had fallen on and asked the others where the other injured person was. The crew members stated that only one of them were injured, and that no one else fell. Kira stared into the crate and was startled to see the rock being in the shape of a human. Unbeknownst to him, he had accidentally discovered Aisho Dainenjiyama in his rock form, and subsequently found of the existence of the Rock Humans.

Curious, Kira then investigated the destination of the package, and learned that it was under the ownership of the Higashikata Fruit Company, and the package was imported from New Guinea. After investigating further, Kira learned of the Locacaca fruits existence, and its mysterious properties.

Later, Kira entered a ramen bar and harassed Ojiro over his question of surfers, scaring him out. Kira then observed Aisho from the window, and cited his desire to steal one of the fruits he transported. While leaving the bar, he noticed Josefumi Kujo eating ramen, and recalled who he was.

Kira is then shown with Josefumi in a park, explaining the properties of the Locacaca, telling him the story of a baseball pitcher who injured his shoulder and bought a Locacaca fruit from Aisho for a hefty sum, and how his shoulder was miraculously healed. When Kira asked Josefumi to help him, stating that it would be worth a lot of money, Josefumi noted that money was not Kira's motive, the true reason being his mother Holy's illness. Josefumi that declared that he was indebted to Holy for saving his life, and that he would do anything to help save her.

When Kira told Josefumi the risk of stealing the fruit, and that the whole organization would be on them, Josefumi remarked that all they had to do was "not steal the fruit". When Kira asked him what he meant, Josefumi demonstrated the process of grafting a branch, cutting one off of a tree and using his stand Soft & Wet to summon bubbles and fuse another branch with the same tree, making the tree look identical to it's original state. Josefumi then remarked how they could gain as many Locacacas with this method as they would gain their own tree with similar properties.

Kira and Josefumi then set their plan into motion. After locating Aisho carrying a case with the tree, the pair caused an accident by having a biker crash (although unharmed). While Aisho was distracted, Josefumi sneaked up to him and opened the case, quickly grafting two branches and later fusing them with a tree, essentially creating their own supply of Locacacas.

At some point Kira associates with Karera Sakunami, and the two take a photo together with Josefumi.She remarks that Josefumi and Kira used to live together.

Kira and Josefumi were eventually found by Tamaki Damo and Yotsuyu Yagiyama. Tamaki proceeded to torture Kira and Josefumi, at one point cutting off Kira's liver. Kira and Josefumi, however, managed to escape and he was dragged to the location of the Locacaca, having already lost consciousness. Josefumi tried to heal him using one of the fruits, even using his Soft & Wet to break the fruit down to feed via bubbles. However, this proved to be in vain, as Kira had already died from his injuries. Josefumi, already undergoing the equivalent exchange process from the Locacaca, hugged his friend as the two were crushed by debris: causing parts of their bodies to be exchanged from the Wall Eye. Josefumi, later known as Josuke, emerged from the rubble with parts of Kira's body exchanged with his own and without any memories.

Kira's corpse is later found at this site, his cause of death diagnosed as cardiac arrest.[6] Josuke and Yasuho subsequently attempt to investigate Kira, particularly due to his connections to the Higashikata family.


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  • Kira's address is listed as 258 Morioh Township, Apartment 204.[7]
  • When fighting Tamaki Damo onboard his boat, Kira lets out a shout spelled similarly to one of the series's more familiar battle cries, "WRRRRY".
  • Being the son of Holy Joestar-Kira, his personality is similar to part 3's (and onward) Jotaro Kujo.


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