Yoshiki is a character from the one-shot Dead Man's Questions.


Yoshiki is a spoiled kid who always had anything he wanted. He was capable of screaming non-stop at his mother until she did as he wanted without consideration about how rude he was and the embarrassing situation he put his mother into.


Dead Man's Questions

Yoshiki is a spoiled boy who, along with his mother, took the same train as Yoshikage Kira, who rented two seats to be alone. Because there was too much sunlight at his seat, his mother changed him to Kira's seats, as there was no one in there (Kira was a ghost) even though they were reserved. Yoshiki started to scream about how he wanted Ice Cream because he was thirsty, even though he was already eating dango, what bothered Kira to the point of forcefully feeding Yoshiki with his own shoe along with his dango. His mother rushed to help, but was knocked out by Kira, leaving a scared Yoshiki worried about her.



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